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  1. Drakill Jul 02, 2012

    Hey people! I just joined. I like dark anime, wallpapers, ...

  2. TrizHuo Jun 23, 2012

    I love the dark anime villian guys to DEATH!
    So, please can you let me in?

  3. B-BRabbit May 12, 2012

    I'm going to join the group. Thank you ^^

  4. Shadowgirl Apr 27, 2012

    Hi ummm i would like to join the group 2 may i plz

  5. nekolalugo Restricted Member Aug 27, 2011

    thanks fro letting me join...
    and this my recent work :

    i hope you like this

    merged: 08-27-2011 ~ 10:05am
    My recent work :

    i hope you like this^^

    merged: 08-27-2011 ~ 10:21am
    connection drawings

  6. Yoko-Litner Aug 30, 2010

    Thanks for letting me join.
    My Latest Wallpaper: The Spirit of Vigilance

  7. Nessbad94 Jul 23, 2010

    Hi! I want to jon the group! Is it possible?

  8. Yoko-Litner May 17, 2010

    Umm... is it possible to join this group? I would really like to.

  9. azyl12 Jan 27, 2010

    Guys, do feel free to join. ^^"!
    Welcome, btw. ^^"!

    merged: 02-17-2010 ~ 05:29am
    Uhm...just passing by a deserted place.
    And..if ever there will be life. ^^"!

    My Sieghart by azyl12
    My Sieghart by azyl12

  10. 3m3rald-o9 Jan 04, 2010

    -_+> hi.. ^^ how are you guys..? =)
    -_+> oh yeah.. i'm joining your group.. ^^
    -_+> thank you and take care..!

  11. azyl12 Jan 04, 2010

    Happy New Year, Guys!
    I guess I haven't greet everybody here, hunh?
    So...Happy New Year again! *late!*
    Please stay here tonight
    (Don't let them find us or we're dead)
    Promise me you won't leave my side
    (The warmest place to lie my head)

  12. katiemirmo Jan 02, 2010

    I'm joining

  13. angelxxuan Banned Member Dec 22, 2009

    hey guys been awhile since I cared to travel into groups again so I thought I'd rejoin

  14. simply-5th-heirloom Dec 18, 2009

    this group is so cool...

    merged: 12-18-2009 ~ 09:18am
    really wanna be approved...

    i'm so jealous to the other members...


    advance merry xmas to all!

  15. azyl12 Dec 14, 2009

    Wow! I see more posts!

  16. simply-5th-heirloom Dec 13, 2009

    can i join?

    i really want to...

  17. vampirelover4444 Dec 08, 2009

    i have fallen in love with vampire knight. kaname and zero are sooooo hot X3 droll

  18. weird12u Oct 27, 2009

    you people should have a theme song called

    Paint a Dark Picture - Tech N9ne

    it describes darkness needless to say

  19. azyl12 Sep 29, 2009

    Oh yes. feel free to join! ^^"

  20. Sagashitemonotachi Sep 26, 2009

    can i joint this group?

  21. azyl12 Sep 06, 2009

    Oi! Sasuke! You're a member too?

    merged: 09-06-2009 ~ 12:12pm
    Hm//I guess not yet. Thanks for posting. ^^"~

  22. azyl12 Aug 11, 2009

    Welcome to the group, then!
    Though...I'm not sure if the admins know your joining...anyway...

  23. yothsothgoth Aug 06, 2009

    I'd like to join this group. :)
    One of my favorite *dark* mangas/anime/books is the Vampire Hunter D series(classic scifi post-apocalyptic horror.) ^^
    Its what I usually submit to MT. XD

  24. azyl12 Jul 08, 2009

    Still dark...DUH that's why the group is called "dark-place"!
    Zup, guys?!

    merged: 07-22-2009 ~ 07:16am's hope...?

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